Hi Tek Walls applications

Multilevel Residential and Commercial Construction, Townhouses, Residential Housing and Basements

  • Hi Tek Walls are a load-bearing shear wall system that is very cost-effective in multi- level developments.
  • Hi Tek Walls are suitable for different wall types such as external walls, dividing walls, lift shafts and retaining walls.
  • Because of the reduced wall thickness over conventional construction, more saleable living space is available for a given footprint.
  • Since the panels come in heights from floor to ceiling, construction speed is faster than traditional masonry construction.
  • Hi Tek Walls are suitable for use in basements and as retaining walls. The fibre cement facings can be easily tanked to provide a waterproof load-bearing wall.

The Steps in the Construction Process

  1. Architectural and engineering plans are provided by the builder or developer, so the project can be quoted.
  2. When the quotation is accepted and a purchase order received, Hi Tek will panelise the drawings using CAD for sign-off by the client.
  3. Manufacturing of the panels is then commenced.
  4. The panels are delivered to site in co-ordination with the builders’ schedule.
  5. Installation of the panels can commence following the set out. The panels are lifted into place over the starter bars and a bottom track.
  6. Next the horizontal and vertical steel reinforcing is placed in position according to the engineer’s specification for each job.
  7. At the same time the required electrical services can also be run in the walls.
  8. When the panels and reinforcing at each level have been installed and checked they can be core-filled with concrete from either scaffolding or a floor deck for the next-level slab.
  9. The concrete-filled walls are then ready for finishing. These walls are suitable for multiple types of finishes both internally and externally.